Bouquet of Peace, 2023

Acrylic on panel

Acrílico sobre tabla

20” x 16”

508mm x 404mm

(Framed: 21 1/2” x 17 1/2”

550mm x 445mm)

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3.22kg, 65cm x 54cm x 12cm

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  1. Minimum bid is 200€
  2. All bids must be multiples of 20€

 Painted on the palette that was used for several other sunflower paintings.

Michael Hartt on Bouquet of Peace:

“I began this painting with a plan to show two hands holding a bouquet of sunflowers. After sketching the piece I realized that the composition was the same as the famous print by Picasso, showing two hands and a bouquet of flowers. I had seen this piece thousands of times, since my parents had a copy of it in our home. What I never noticed was that both hands were right hands, meaning the piece shows one person handing flowers to another.”

The Picasso piece was done for a peace demonstration in Stockholm in 1958.

The artist can share 8 photos showing the process of painting this piece.

This painting is framed with a flat-bottomed frame that can be free standing on a table or dresser. It also has a picture wire for hanging on a wall.

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