The Ukrainian Refugee Centre of Valencia

UKRAID is the only NGO in the Valencian community that is solely dedicated to helping Ukrainians who have arrived in Valencia after taking the agonising decision to leave behind loved ones and become refugees.
Every week, our centre helps some 180 families which are mainly made up of women with young children as well as the elderly and disabled people who face a huge challenge when trying to integrate and support themselves in a new country.
Our centre offers an essential lifeline to Ukrainians by providing staple foodstuffs, sanitary items, clothing, homeware and toys to help them rebuild their lives and take the next steps on this difficult journey.


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The Story of UKRAID

March 2022

The Ukrainian Refugee Centre was originally established in March 2022 immediately after the Russian invasion to provide a central contact point for the Ukrainian community arriving in Valencia.

It quickly became clear that they needed access to basic essentials such as food and sanitary items as well as baby items for pregnant women and those who had recently given birth.

APRIL 2022

Through donations from the local and expat community, the centre began providing food items such as rice, oats and eggs as well as basic necessities such as toilet paper and soap.

We continue with distribution of clothing, footwear, homeware and toys.


event ukraine 2022 october

On the 2nd October 2022, in collaboration with Falla Telefonica we held a fundraising Ukrainian tapas event. The event featured 5 Ukrainian inspired tapas as well as a charity raffle with prizes donated by local businesses.

The event was a big success in raising funds to keep the centre going and to raise awareness about our organization in the local community.


Donations begin to dry up as interest in the war begins to wane. Every week presents a challenge to ensure that we can provide at least one food item to the tens of people in the queue.

We begin our first food collection campaign with Caxton College which is a huge success generating 550 bags of food and marks the first time we have a surplus of food for the coming weeks.



As an opportunity to present Ukrainian handicrafts and provide a worthwhile activity for refugees, we created an online Christmas market for selling handcrafted goods including candles, soaps and traditional dolls.

We also partnered with Voulez Vous? language school and Mercado Tapineria to have a stall at their respective Christmas markets.



After many months of uncertainty about whether the centre would be able to survive financially, we managed to secure a regular supply of food from the foundation Ayuda una Familia who receives donations of surplus products from major supermarkets and food manufacturers.

We also managed to secure partnerships with Terra y Xufa and Eras Pan bakery to receive their waste produce.

September 2023

The decision is taken to form an official NGO and to rebrand as UKRAID; a Ukrainian Refugee Centre that provides ongoing emergency help as the war in Ukraine continues to rage on.

As an official association, we layout our plans to offer more to the Ukrainian community including serving as a community centre.


Frequently asked questions

Ukrainian refugees in Spain are entitled to a TIE, the right to work and access to schooling as well as public healthcare.

Those who meet certain criteria in terms of savings and income have been entitled to a stipend from the government for 6 months of 400 Euros per adult and 100 Euros per child, however many Ukrainians have reported not receiving the full amount promised.

Food banks are also available to Ukrainians, subject to certain criteria for 6 months only.

The Red Cross has provided emergency accommodation to refugees to Valencia however for other needs such as foodstuffs and clothing, they have referred people to our centre.


We aim to provide help to Ukrainian refugees created by the war that began in 2022, irregardless of their background, profession or political inclinations.

Our goal is to provide a centre that is welcoming and easy to access for those who need it.

Many of the refugees who use our centre are professionals in various fields such as teachers, lawyers and doctors who have no experience in relying on state help, let alone in a foreign country.


All donations go towards keeping the centre running in terms of rental payments as well as the bulk purchase of food staples such as rice and oats.

We also use donations as part of an emergency fund for when refugees have a specific urgent request such as the need for a wheelchair or walking frame.

As a completely voluntary organisation, donations do not go towards covering employee salaries or for marketing purposes.

UKRAID is solely focused on helping the victims of the war who have seeked refuge in Valencia. We are politically neutral and do not fundraise to support military activities or the like in Ukraine itself.

We do however cooperate with the Ukrainian Church in Valencia to forward on donations that are not required by users of our centre and would be useful for those in Ukraine such as warm clothing and blankets.


UKRAID supports Ukrainian refugees in Valencia by providing them with a central contact point for community support, basic food supplies, clothing, toys and homeware. We are a grassroots, volunteer based organisation solely funded by donations all of which goes towards the upkeep of our centre and providing for the needs of the families that we help.