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Community Activities

Our goal at UKRAID is to build a strong, resilient and integrated Ukrainian refugee community here in Valencia.

Since inception, the centre has evolved from offering emergency help to also becoming a community centre that brings people together and offers a range of services for education and leisure.


Our Volunteers


Olena Trofimenko

Practicing psychologist, art therapist, perinatal psychologist, specialist in working with female sexuality.


Natalia Blahodyr

Natalia Blahodyr is a psychologist, psychotherapist (with 15 years of experience), art trainer, media expert, author of the metaphorical association card deck "Initiation of a Woman", PhD in Psychology. @nataliia_psichologist


Oksana Tsymbalist

A talented Macrame artist who uses her artistic creativity to provide innovative and engaging arts & crafts workshops for Ukrainian children on Sundays. She uses a range of materials to create a range of Ukrainian inspired crafts and activities. @garno.vbrano


Anastasia Likhtetska

Anastasia is a child psychologist. graduated from the NPU named after M.P. Drahomanov in Kyiv. She has more than 5 years of experience working with children and their families. She moved to Valencia due to the outbreak of the war in 2022. Now, in collaboration with UKRAID, she has created a a place where teenagers can find support and develop their soft skills.

Children's Workshops

Every Sunday morning we host children’s arts and crafts workshops to provide Ukrainian children the opportunity to socialise together and speak in their native language.

Sundays at 11h


Women's Support Network

A biweekly psychological support group to provide women with an outlet for sharing their experiences and processing their emotions under the guidance of a trained professional.

Mondays at 11h-12h30 and Tuesdays at 12h30-14h

women’s support network

Psychological Support for Teenagers

A psychological support group that meets on a Saturday morning focuses solely on adolescents and parents to help them get through this incredibly challenging phase.

Saturdays at 11h

teenage support group

Ukrainian Language Classes

A weekly speaking club to help people learn and improve their Ukrainian given that many refugees come from Russian speaking regions. These classes are are a vital component in maintaining Ukrainian culture of which the language is a central pillar.

Thursdays at 12.30h-14h

ukrainian classes

English Language Classes

Weekly English language classes provided by native speakers for those wishing to learn the language from scratch as a new skill and for those looking to improve their level for their career such as finding online work opportunities.

Thursdays at 11h


Spanish Language Program

Our Spanish immersion program takes 10 selected female participants for a 6 month intensive training in Spanish. It consists of classes, conversation practice, independent study and cultural activities to rapidly advance their Spanish level and help them regain confidence as well as independence.