Spanish Immersion Program Launch

Spanish Immersion Program Launch

This week saw the launch of our Spanish language and culture immersion program for 10 selected female Ukrainian refugees. Over the next 6 months these women will dedicate themselves to learning and improving their Spanish through daily classes, conversation practice and independent study with the goal of achieving B2 level.

The program objective is to help these women regain their independence and empower them to advocate for themselves and others in their community.

We are cooperating with the Centre for Active Aging in Cabanyal for the conversation practice sessions; 10 volunteers from the centre will serve as conversation partners every week to discuss a range of different themes related to Spanish daily life, history and culture. This provides the opportunity for intergenerational and intercultural links as well as valuable conversation practice for the program participants.

We are also collaborating with Lengalia online language learning software to provide the participants with access to this incredibly useful tool for the independent practice sessions. It offers a broad range of exercises covering speaking, writing, reading and listening.

We will report back with regular progress on this important and valuable project.